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Teles Hosts Upcoming Luxury Connect Networking Event Featuring Presentation on “The 7 Superpowers of Elite Luxury Real Estate Agents”


If it’s one thing Teles knows how to do, it’s host a party.

Tomorrow, on Wednesday October 19th, Teles is doing exactly that with Luxury Connect.

Luxury Connect is a two-day conference where 600 of the most notable names in luxury rub shoulders and walk away with the marketing, technology and business intelligence to grow their business while expanding their referral network with built-in networking sessions.

Sharran Srivatsaa, co-President of Teles, will present on “The 7 Superpowers of Elite Luxury Real Estate Agents” at Inman’s Luxury Connect conference on October 19 and 20 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, an event that brings together 600 of the most notable names in luxury.

“Events like Luxury Connect help agents and brokers stay ahead of the curve, so I take my role as a speaker seriously, knowing guests really benefit from my insight,” says Srivatsaa. “I am looking forward to presenting, and plan to leave everyone with valuable takeaways and an understanding of how even the most elite agents can refine their best qualities.”

According to Srivatsaa, agent superpowers are those qualities in both the mindset and the mechanics that take agents from average to awesome. As an advisor to a diverse group of the top 53 real estate teams in the country, Srivatsaa has found that the number one superpower is the psychology of the team leader and particularly their “singularity of focus.” He believes these superpowers can be acquired, developed and perfected.

“Developing superpowers related to mindset can have an exponential impact on our business and our lives,” says Teles Co-President Peter Hernandez. “And because sharing knowledge, tips and trade secrets among outstanding and powerful individuals in our industry is something that has helped Teles tremendously over the years, we are tremendously delighted that Sharran can pay it forward.”

The welcoming reception, hosted by Teles Properties will be held Oct. 19 at a modern estate in Beverly Hills.

The setting for the party, is a gorgeous modern estate in Beverly Hills listed by Jana Bezdek and staged by Meridith Baer Home. This property, redesigned and completed in 2016, offers private serenity on just under an acre of wooded grounds up the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel. An expansion from the original, the sprawling 11,300 square-foot primarily single-level home shows great respect and integrity for the original architecture and land upon which it sits.

No expense was spared in designing this unparalleled seven-bedroom, 11-bath residence. A stunning six-foot Moooi chandelier, two sets of floating staircases and an original Andy Warhol greet guests at the entrance. The main level and baths feature Nanoglass, a scratch- and stain-proof stone composite slab.

You can register for the event here and check out Teles’ full press release here.

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