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Teles Properties Celebrates Jon Butler’s Promotion to Broker of Record


As we move into the most festive time of the year, Teles Properties has much to celebrate as Jon Butler moves up into the position of Broker of Record.

Last week Butler grabbed the baton from former BoR Spencer Krull. The Managing Director for the San Gabriel Valley region, Butler is responsible for every aspect of agent development, client relations, transaction management, and the continuous pursuit of excellence under the Teles brand. Inspiring ethical business practices that are in line with Teles’ vision and outlook on the real estate industry, Butler is a natural and gifted teacher and trusted advisor, providing guidance to Teles brokers for both their professional and personal development.

All of that made him a perfect fit for the Broker of Record position. Teles President Peter Hernandez agreed, saying “Jon brings deep experience as an agent, broker, team leader, and manager while leading all our San Gabriel Valley growth. He has been a tremendous contributor to our knowledge base, culture and innovation, demonstrating the Teles DNA. Not only does his background, knowledge and practical deal IQ make him a great candidate; his warmth and demeanor with agents, brokers and clients makes him a perfect fit for the position and a member of our leadership team.”

We wanted to get an idea of Butler’s approach to his new position, as well as the professional philosophies that have carried him this far. He shared with us his top advice for agents, as well as what he feels his biggest responsibility is to them, all with an eye on making great agents even better.

What do you think is the most important responsibility you will have as Broker of Record?

My most important responsibility as Broker of Record is to protect our agents. This is done by not only supporting them during disputes, complaints or difficult transactions but also by ensuring they are properly trained and advised on best compliance and general agent practices. We want to take our agents, who are already the best, and make them even better.

What are the three most important pieces of advice you would like to give our agents for 2017?

Our job as agents is to help our clients with the decisions that will ultimately be best for them. Sometimes, doing our job correctly, does not result in a paycheck. If you can be ok with that, you are well on your way to being a great real estate agent.

Making this deal work is not worth losing the next 10, 20, or more deals because you did something you shouldn’t have.

As real estate professionals and salespeople, we are inundated with coaching opportunities, podcasts, webinars, seminars, conferences, etc., all focused on how to get more business. That drive for more tends to be the overwhelming focus of an agent’s business, and often agents lose the focus of simply being a good agent. I would challenge agents to shift the primary focus to being amazing agents first, and complementing that with their prospecting and team-building efforts. If you can shift from just practicing the right scripts and objection handlers to confidently explaining why you know you will out-perform the competition and better serve your client, you will drastically increase your conversion rate and exponentially increase your client base by creating fans instead of just one-off clients.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned as an agent?

You can’t please everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should ever stop pursuing doing the right thing in all situations.

What is your favorite agent best practice?

I like it when agents have clear, consistent and pleasant communication. Communication is the key to everything. This applies to simple showing and property information requests all the way up to offer submissions and dispute resolution; and, it applies to all modes of communication. The way we communicate and the tone we project has an enormous impact on how our audience receives it. I know how I feel when I receive good communication from agents, and I know how it affects things when I receive poor communication.

What makes Teles and Teles Agents different?

I love Teles because the agents, staff and executive team all have the same collaborative approach to this business where they are equally as interested in helping out their fellow agent or colleague as they are in helping themselves. This true abundance mentality to our generous real estate business creates such a welcoming and inclusive environment throughout Teles’ footprint that you can’t help but love being a part of it.

Finally, Butler had this insight to share about the true goal of our endeavors, saying that “The true result we are working towards in real estate is to help people achieve their personal and financial goals through real estate transactions, or sometimes avoiding transactions. The commission check we receive is a secondary benefit to a completed transaction. A true job well-done may or may not result in a commission check, but rather a satisfied client. It will all come back to you if you can maintain this mindset.”

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