Why I Love Teles – Bob Chapman


Bob Chapman loves Teles because he enjoys the feeling of being out in front of the market.

Our continuing series “Why I Love Teles!” features profiles of our Teles agents. In these posts, we take a look at the agents who make Teles what it is, and they tell us why they love calling Teles home.

We’ve previously spoken with a number of Teles agents and staff in offices across California, from agents to department heads to support teams, and today we’re taking a good look at our VP of Business Development, Bob Chapman.

Called “one of the most deeply respected Orange County Real Estate Professionals” by Teles Properties President and Broker of Record Peter Hernandez. “Bob has been a top agent, broker, manager, executive, owner and industry leader.”

Chapman has a unique level of experience with properties that may include planning or development opportunities such as new construction, major remodels, building expansion, vacant parcels, oceanfront properties and Coastal Commission, and lot line adjustments. His representation has included clients in all of these opportunities. With the wide variety of property types in Laguna Beach, he has had a great deal of success in both residential and commercial representation.

In addition to his full time focus on Listing and Buyer representation for his clients, Chapman serves in a collaborative position as the Vice President of Business Development at Teles sharing his experience with the other agents relating to business strategies, marketing, and using data to effectively identify pricing trends in the marketplace.

We sat down with Chapman and asked him what it was that he loved about Teles.

Why do you love Teles? 

The collaborative efforts within the company to include everyone in the movement towards “mastery.”

What is your favorite aspect?

The “All for one and one for all,” attitude.

What Teles features help you drive your business?

The robust and expansive platform from which we as agents can conduct our business in a highly professional and effective manner, for both ourselves and our clients.

Why did you join?

I joined Teles because of the integrity of the owners and their commitment to the geographic positioning of the brokerage.

Anything else you want to add or people to know?

There is more to a culture than just a brand, though ultimately the branded culture is paramount.

What do you enjoy most about your role as VP of Business Development?

In a collaborative role as V.P. of Business Development it enables me to continually evaluate the market trends, the effects of economic conditions, and the directions that the industry may be going in the future so that our innovation is always out in front of the market.

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