Why I Love Teles – Sam Shakerchi

Sam Shakerchi knew he loved Teles the moment he shook hands with us.

We’ve previously asked a number of Teles agents and support team in offices across California why they loved Teles, from agents to department heads to support teams, and today we’re taking a good look at Teles VP of Commercial Real Estate Sam Shakerchi.

Shakerchi is Vice President of Teles Commercial. For over 20 years, Sam has handled sales, purchases, and leasing of commercial properties throughout Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area.

Shakerchi has a keen sense of both local and commercial trends and developments, and relays his expert market knowledge to his clients. Cognizant of off-market properties, he is is thus tapped into an expanded selection of real estate.

“In this age of technology, where everyone can go online and find properties at their fingertips,” he says, “you must be able to provide your clients with off-market opportunities. Knowledge is the greatest asset in this business.”

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Shakerchi owned and operated Sammy’s Sports in the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills. Outside of real estate, Sam loves spending time with his wife and two kids. He is also an avid ice hockey player.

Shakerchi had plenty to say about why he loved Teles, but for him, it boils down to two things: people and culture.

Why do you love Teles? – The people and the culture…Pure and simple.

Culture: Teles is the only brokerage that I have experienced where the agents truly “want” to do deals with and collaborate with one another. The fact that I can/will do deals with in-house agents who strive for the same high level of success and integrity that I aim for is huge. Knowing you’re working with the best of the best gives you a confidence and peace of mind that is priceless!

People: From my fellow agents, to our incredible admin and support team, to our management and ownership.

The Agents: Honest, success driven, and open to sharing information. Definitely not your typical “every-man-for-himself” mindset that I’ve experienced at or with other brokerages.

Support team:  I can’t say enough about how incredible they are. It honestly feels like they all personally work only for me…and I love them all!

Managers and Ownership: An amazing group of people who are there to lift you up and who want nothing more than for you to elevate your game and to close more deals. What other brokerages have managers or owners who are as accessible as the ones we have at Teles? They will go on listing appointments with you, write letters or recommendations for you, they’ll sit down with you to work on real strategies to help you get to that next level…and the next level after that, and they answer emails, phone calls, and texts. Nobody else does that!

What is your favorite aspect? Our technology, marketing, and more importantly, the culture and people. All second to none!

What Teles features help you drive your business? Aside from the incredible technology and marketing that I mentioned, it’s the intangibles that drive my business…It goes back to the culture and people. It’s the confidence in knowing I have such a strong brokerage and core of people supporting me. A small example – I have received more in-house referrals over the past 12 months than I had in all of my previous years at or from other brokerages.

Why did you join? At first, I was simply looking to make a change. About a handshake and a half into my first meeting with Peter Hernandez and Stan Smith, I realized it was much more than that. I knew that joining meant that I was become a part of something very unique. And when Peter Hernandez offered me the opportunity to start the commercial division for the coolest and most progressive brokerage on the planet, I could not say no!

Anything else you want to add? Yes…I love my Teles family!

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